Empowering others to live a joyful, abundant & balanced life through the energy integration of Body, Mind, Spirit.

Throughout the seasons of our lives, there are times when we experience difficult periods where we feel stagnate, overwhelmed, or lack confidence but yearn for something more to create the amazing life we deserve to live.

What’s stopping you from achieving what you want out of life?

Are you clear on what that vision looks like?

Or are you feeling confused, disoriented, and “stuck” not knowing how to move forward?

  • Only you have the right answers, BUT do you have the right questions?
  • Having supportive coaches will empower you to see options that did not previously exist … giving you the courage and FREEDOM in making new choices that will move you in the direction of your life goals.
  • As your life coaches, we will create a safe space for you to face your fears and uncertainties. Together we will develop a new life structure for you to view your “reality” for what it really is versus what it CAN BE! And we will motivate you to take those action steps to get there!

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What will you experience?

  • A huge lift in self-confidence
  • A direct way to tap into your own inner peace & inner guidance system for answers
  • Tools & techniques that will empower you for a life-time
  • A new, incredible physical reality CONSCIOUSLY created by YOU!


Yeah, but what areas of life coaching does this apply to? What do you provide coaching for?

  • Relationship with self (physical/mental/emotional/spiritual/sexual)
  • Family dynamics
  • Career growth / Career transition
  • Personal relationships
  • Romantic relationships
  • Work relationships
  • Finding inner peace & joy despite health/family/career/money issues
  • Relationship to money & physical abundance
  • Improved Time-management to free you up to do things YOU WANT TO DO!
  • Improving self-confidence as well as body image
  • Ability to say “no” and feel “GUILT-FREE”!
  • Monkey-mind syndrome (where the mind won’t “shut up” and keeps you in ‘busy-ness’ mode or general sense of anxiety)
  • Finding purpose in life and how you want your life to “unfold” despite perceived “obstacles”
  • Having a better understanding of “who you are”
  • SEX POSITIVE COACHING…embracing your sexual expression and sexual exploration (no subject is off limits) with or without partner involved. Visit our site www.sexpositivecoaching.com for more details!

If it’s not listed above, please call and ask. NO SUBJECT IS OFF LIMITS!

Our mission is to empower others to expand their possibilities, improve their lives, and reach their full potential to create the life of their dreams.

Sean & Michele welcome clients from all diversity of races, religions, cultures & sexual orientation and lifestyles. They personally believe in celebrating the uniqueness of each individual while compassionately connecting as ONE in the realm of Universal Consciousness.