Andersons-40Sean & Michele Andersen are a 20+ year husband & wife life-coaching team, who expedite life transformational shifts in clients who are ready for positive change. They also have experience in facilitating self-empowerment workshops & discussion groups around “sensitive & taboo” subjects…. creating a “safe space” for others to learn and grow.

Their coaching skills are intuitive. Michele is an emotional empath and is clairsentient and clairvoyant allowing her to receive information for the client in front of her. She spent many years in corporate America running on the hamster wheel of fear and worst case scenarios until she was guided to walk a more soul-nourishing path that gave her the courage to take the leap of faith and leave the “secure paycheck” behind. Sean, an empath as well, was the grounding force behind this major transition and serves as a grounding agent for their clients as well, rooting them into a space of safety and wellness.

Along with a major life transition, they were also on a sexploration journey that woke up dormant energies that helped them amplify manifestation capabilities. Since 1991 they have been exploring alternative sexual lifestyles and learning more about their own sexuality, such as what enhances it as well as what detracts from it. As a result of their open-mindedness and curiosity, they have learned tools and techniques that have enhanced their communication and sexuality skills as well as their level of intimacy and connection as a couple.

Excited to share this knowledge with others, they started a monthly discussion group called “Sex, Love & Relationships” in October 2010 whereby they allow others to openly explore and share their questions, curiosities, and concerns in a non-judgmental, safe-space.

They have presented workshops at various lifestyle conventions and at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit and were appointed to the Advisory Council for the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance.