Life Coaching

Life_Coach_Word_CloudHow can a Life Coach help you?



HELPS you identify & prioritize your values and ensure they are in balance with all areas of your life

HELPS you get clarity on what positive action steps to take and then HOLDS YOU LOVINGLY ACCOUNTABLE to support you in obtaining your goals

HELPS provide continuous encouragement & motivation

HELPS serve as a confidant allowing you to feel secure in sharing your thoughts & emotions

HELPS free you from expectations imposed by others

HELPS provide objective, unbiased & sometimes blunt feedback

HELPS provide resources so you may implement the solution right for you

HELPS serve as our own personal cheerleader

HELPS hold YOU accountable to TAKE ACTION!


DOES NOT offer therapy or counseling to “fix” something

DOES NOT judge you or your situation

DOES NOT determine your solution for resolving an issue

DOES NOT have an agenda or a “pre-molded” solution to sell you. Every client’s situation is unique…and so should the services being offered.

Our coaching process is to work with you over a 3-month time frame where you will receive a 90-minute coaching session once a month with fun assignments that will help you integrate the tools you will be learning to transform your life. During this time you have unlimited email and text access to us 24×7 where we will respond to your questions, concerns, request for inspiration and the need to emotionally vent from a triggered event (we love those texts and will respond with loving support!). Our goal is to respond within 24 business hours (most likely that same day unless we are traveling!). You will see results within the first month and a life transformation at the end of the 3 months. With a 100% money-back guarantee at the end of the program, what are you waiting for?

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