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Many of us are searching for a more rewarding sexual experience. We are searching for a deeper connection to our individual desires and with others in our sexual relationships. Many of us want to explore our sexual curiosities and desires but lack the COURAGE and TOOLS needed to feel CONFIDENT and SAFE for the journey. We can provide ALL explorers with tools and strategies for the challenges they will face … whether alone or those in a relationship (2 or more). Let us be your guides to safely empower you on your new sexual journey!!!


We honor and respect your COURAGE to EXPLORE your sexuality in a healthy, holistic and conscious-loving way.

You have found our website where we embrace all aspects of sexuality, freedom of choice and SEXUAL EXPRESSION. This includes but is not limited to topics such as….

Sexual Energy (your MOJO!) / Body Image / Sexual Performance
Masturbation / Toys / Porn / Costumes / Role Play
Gender Attraction (Hetero/Homo/Bi/Pan-sexuality)
Kinks and Fetishes
Orgasm / Female and Male Ejaculation
BDSM, Tantra, Polyamory, Leather, GLBT and
Swinging Life Style Communities

No matter what the question, curiosity, topic or exploration . . .




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What is Sex Positive Coaching (SPC)?

Michele and Sean know first hand that sex is a vital part of our human experience and an outlet for creative expression. When these energies lie dormant, or are repressed, we may feel unbalanced or stagnant.

As life coaches, we believe ALL aspects of our human life experience is meant to be celebrated, embraced and lived joyfully. Sexuality is a HUGE part of our human experience. Sex is one of our basic needs and a driving force of nature. Unfortunately, most people in our society are sexually repressed and intimidated to discuss the subject matter in a simplistic matter-of-fact way. It’s the unspoken rule: “Don’t talk about sex. That’s a taboo subject, which is off-limits at the water cooler or dinner table.” The result of the stigma is a society where we feel embarrassed to even think about our sexual needs, let alone talk about them openly.

For most of us, our basic understanding of sex was from a FUNCTIONALITY viewpoint and came from our school systems, society as a whole and family who raised us. This viewpoint was typically very sterile with a narrow definition of how “NOT” to get pregnant by placing “tab A” into “slot B.” The topics of sexual energy, desires and body chemistry were never discussed….and you would NEVER have learned about all the modalities that help you access these wonderful sensations as they were negatively defined under the judgmental label of “SEXUAL PERVERSIONS.”

Most core sexual beliefs, myths and fantasies come from social conditioning typically by the mass marketing industry which takes advantage of our sexual curiosity. They tell us stories on how to be sexually attractive, younger looking, and energetic, with more sexual prowess… all in order to experience what we all long for….great sex…and CONNECTION with others! But unfortunately the result does not measure up long-term.

Our sexual interests, desires, beliefs and body functionality at age 18 will not be the same at age 25, 30, 40 and up. But if we have not consciously recognized these changes and synchronized them with who we are NOW, we will be stuck in a stalemate and unable to move forward with sexual expression.

Through Sex Positive Coaching, Michele and Sean assist folks, WHERE-EVER THEY ARE, on their individual and relationship journeys to expand into a new form of creative, sexual expression.


We provide tools and techniques to empower individuals to claim their sexual power, and create amazing, healthy sexual expressions. It is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves…and the ones we love.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We know Sex Positive Coaching works because we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!