COACHING: I have known Sean and Michele for a long time before seeking help from them as life coaches. I was having problems with confidence and trust; it was affecting my relationship with my significant other. S & M were available pretty much 24×7 — so when anxiety kicked in they were there to coach me through my stressful situation. I saw them for three months and they gave me many tools that I still use to work through all sorts of issues. Thank you Sean and Michele. I would not be here in this state without you two! — Kim, Middletown, DE

COACHING: Trying to deal with my out of control mid-life crisis was becoming overwhelming so I turned to Michele and Sean for some guidance and coaching. Since our very first session, I felt very comfortable and safe with both Michele and Sean. They provide an open, supportive and non-judgmental space in which to discuss and bring understanding and clarity to one’s thoughts and decisions in life. I am very grateful that I’ve met Michele and Sean and feel I’ve grown tremendously through their support and guidance! –Peggy, Elkton, Maryland.

AromaTouch TECHNIQUE w/ Reiki: The session with Michele was very relaxing. After the session I felt like it cleared my mind, and I was very much at peace. The rest of the week has been wonderful, anxiety has diminished and I feel better prepared to handle everyday situations. I don’t know what you did, but it worked for me. It was like rebooting my mind, everything works great now. Thank you! – Milton Delgado, Middletown, DE

REIKI:  This was something I had been contemplating for some time and of all people my geneticist recommended I give Reiki a try. The session was so relaxation and peaceful. Honestly thoughts were going through my head in the beginning, but then I had empty space (no thoughts), for once my brain was “quiet”. I’m am excited to see what the possibilities are! These last several days have been filled with decreased pain and the focus has shifted off of my health. Thank you Michele. — Michele Kenvin, Wilmington, DE

AromaTouch TECHNIQUE w/ Reiki: I had such an amazing relaxing experience. Michele explained how the session would go and I have to say that it was beyond what I expected. I felt truly at ease and totally relaxed and would highly recommend anyone who wants to have the negative energy and stress removed to see Michele, you will love it!! — Carolyn Molitor, Middletown, DE

AromaTouch TECHNIQUE w/ Reiki: I had such a peaceful and relaxing experience. Michele is a wonderful professional. I love her energy and words of wisdom. Thank you Michele, I strong recommend the Reiki and Aroma Touch. I will be back for more! — Karla Saffos, Middletown, DE

AromaTouch TECHNIQUE w/ Reiki:  Michele is awesome. Such a much needed relaxing hour out of my stressed out world! I highly recommend and can’t wait until my next session. I was almost asleep at the end!  — Deborah Hunter, Middletown, DE

REIKI:  A truly amazing, peaceful, and spiritual experience. Michele is wonderfully patient and professional with only the most loving intent. Thank you for sharing your talents Michele!  — Sital Soni, Middletown, DE

COACHING:   Not too long ago I found myself going through the darkest period of my life.  I knew I had to make a change, but I was confused and felt defeated by life’s challenges.  That’s when I met Michele and Sean.  I was immediately impressed by their enthusiasm, their appetite for life, their generosity of spirit, and their ethics.  They have great stories to tell, and whenever I was around them I felt as though I were being supported and uplifted.  I began to understand that there were possibilities for me and paths I could take that I hadn’t before considered–but I still felt inadequate and uncertain. I wanted to learn more and to understand where they get all that good energy from!  So I took a leap and hired them as my life coaches.  After just a few sessions, I gained an awareness of the source of my problems–me, mostly!  And I began a journey in which I am learning to understand myself, evaluate my choices and how I relate and react to others.  As a result, I am feeling more confident, calmer, and I feel like I am making better choices, and I am feeling more optimistic and more excited about the future than I have in many years.  Michele and Sean have given me much-needed help and encouragement along the way.  At the same time they do not hesitate to let me know when I am getting off track – they do not accept my excuses!  I cannot recommend Sean and Michele’s services enough.  They are not just coaches to me – they are friends.     — Michael S.

AromaTouch TECHNIQUE w/ Reiki:  I did the aroma touch with Michele this week. It was amazing!! I had so many different sensations, all good. Once I felt like I was melting into the table and the next I felt like I was floating above the table. I very highly recommend this treatment to everyone out there! Thank you Michele for an awesome experience. — Michelle D., Middletown, DE

COACHING:  Michele and Sean helped us to navigate the “Lifestyle.”  Within one week we had better communications and positive feelings.  Having both a male and female perspective was important to us.  The lessons learned have made our relationship much stronger and the positive energy is taking us on new journeys.  We now have the tools and skills to handle situations that come up without leading to negative feelings.  We strongly recommend their coaching to all couples.  We thank you both and you are dear friends. — Robert and Rebecca, Washington, DC

COACHING:  We all say we’re going to change something about our lives every year – only to get bogged down and give up. Why? It’s because we never have accountability within ourselves. Coaching is an amazing way to get out of your own way and start making progress! Sean & Michele are able to provide a balanced view to singles and couples alike. They are incredibly professional and skilled coaches dedicated to helping people create the lives that they want. Get un-stuck, un-trapped in your life and back in the driver’s seat! I’m proud to be one of their clients! — Sherri L., Bear, DE

MEDITATION: This meditation was better than a glass of red wine! Our sleep was more restful and I was more clear headed on Monday at work even though it was a rainy day. We are definitely coming back next month! — Barbara, Newark, DE

REIKI:  I experienced my first Reiki session and it was fantastic! I went with no expectation ( or as little as possible) and found myself having an almost ‘out of body’ experience. I went with intentions of cleansing & renewing, & indeed, it did. I had feelings that washed over me, like waves, rolling gently, went back to my childhood, brought forth the spirit of love and acceptance. I drifted in & out, and I was smiling and also crying, but in a good way, as if to release. It’s hard to explain. — Sara, Middletown, DE

COACHING:  I wanted to send a thank you to the two of you. You were in the beginning stages of something that has awesome and ever growing. I feel fantastic! Nothing really has changed as far as I live in the same house, same town, same parent drama etc., however I am in love with my life. Things that would bother me, no longer do so. I see these practices working everyday! Sales are booming at work, we put a pool in at the house, the kids are amazing, the hubby is awesome (as always), etc… Life is great and I owe a piece of this to you. My mindset has changed everything. I have grown further and plan on continuing as I am hooked! Thanks for what you have done for me. Wishing you well.. Take care! Hugs!!! — Lori, Elkton, MD

VISION BOARD WORKSHOP:  Through my vision board and awareness of creating the life I want, I by chance, attended a job fair and was called the next day and offered a job working with autistic children! A job I wasn’t seeking but am perfectly suited for and very satisfying as well! I am learning that when I communicate to the universe what I am seeking , the right people, places and things appear to that end. It has worked in other areas of my life as well and I feel the possibilities are endless! Thank you Michele and Sean for this wonderful gift! — Mary, Ridley Park, PA

REIKI:  Heading into the Reiki session, I wasn’t 100% sure what to really expect but with my past experiences with Michele and Sean only being positive, I had faith. What an amazing, relaxing experience it was. Going in, I had so many areas of stress coming in from different areas. Within minutes I felt such a transformation, and with a gentle wave the stress that had been weighing down my body was washed away. Complete relaxation, and highly recommended. — Dave, Townsend, DE

COACHING:  Michele & Sean, I have grown to look forward to our coaching sessions, talking and sharing and hearing a totally unbiased opinion and guidance that has shown a different kind of love of man to me. I am 53 and I feel like 33, I am in good health and I can run circles around most 20 years my junior… Life is good! I not only love myself unconditionally, but I am one of the most awesome people I know! Thank you for helping me see this. — Anthony, Bear, DE

REIKI:  My Reiki session was the perfect meditation reflection I needed to identify specific chakra areas and connect with the Universe. I had Reiki in the past but it was a pleasant refresher on the healing powers of this alternative practice. I would definitely recommend Michele and her Reiki practice!  — Heather, New Castle, DE

COACHING:  Wanted to thank you for a fantastic seminar!!!! Our only wish was that it was longer. There was so much more we wanted to learn about! Your honestly, your candidness, and your genuine caring personalities were welcoming. You both made us feel very comfortable speaking about our bad first house party! We are learning more with every step, and it’s people like you that make people like us WANT to learn more and embrace the journey. — Diane and Alex

REIKI:  OMG, you have to try this. I was so stressed. I was also in pain. My back was hurting for a couple of weeks prior to my appointment. By the end of the session I was totally relaxed and almost completely pain free!! I could not believe it. I had been going to a chiropractor for my back. Treat yourself to a session with Michele for the new year and the new you!! — Michelle, Middletown, DE

COACHING:  I did not set out to look for a Life Coach. They found me through circumstantial Internet surfing on my part. When I looked at Sean and Michele’s web site it triggered thoughts in my mind I had about changing some things in my life but I didn’t know where to begin. Interesting how the Universe points me in the right direction of a solution when I seek to change something in my life. This time I was seeking an avenue to effectively change some things about myself ~ permanently. I took the bait and For All Seasons Life Coaching reeled me in. One of the BEST investments I’ve made in this life! Thank you, Sean and Michele, for meeting with me and sharing positive tools I can, and will, use every day of my life. Also, thank you for being kind-hearted friends. — Missy, Lewes, DE

REIKI:  The Reiki was an amazing experience !! Uplifting gets rid of all that negative baggage we all carry around for years . I have felt like my old self once again after having a session with Michele and both her cats! — Sandy, Newark, DE

COACHING:  My wife and I both came from previously unhealthy marriages. Three months after meeting we entered into an alternative lifestyle but were not well equipped to handle the challenges such a lifestyle has with the baggage from our previous marriages. With the help of Michele and Sean we were given the tools needed to work our way through our differences and the ups and downs and challenges an alternative lifestyle can have. If you are a couple who is thinking about entering into an alternative lifestyle, or if you are already involved in an alternative lifestyle and are experiencing problems, then we would highly recommend Michele and Sean’s services. They will help you identify problem areas then give you the tools to help you cope with the issues in order to have the best possible experience. — Andrea & Toby, Reading PA

REIKI:  Had my first Reiki session with Michele just before New Years. It was extremely relaxing during and even hours after! The day prior to my session, I returned from visiting family for Christmas – MANY of them sick. My husband came down with the “crud” upon our return, but I managed to escape it. I wonder if Reiki has something to do with it? hmmmm… — Brenda, Newark, DE

COACHING:  Working with Sean and Michele enabled me to more easily maintain a positive mental attitude no matter the circumstances. I was able to gain confidence that where one door closes another will always open – giving me greater peace of mind. Michele and Sean taught me a number of techniques for setting aside anxiety and worry and have more successful interactions with co-workers. The more I practice the techniques and see the results, the more I tend to naturally fall back on them. Even though I read a lot of self-help books, I found that working with For All Season’s Life Coaching was more effective than going it alone because I had someone other than myself to answer to. Sean and Michele helped me successfully navigate a dicey career transition. The experience that Sean and Michele have in the business world makes them especially insightful coaches for entrepreneurs, those who work at a management/ executive level, persons strongly motivated toward being successful at work, and those seeking greater work/life balance. The value of their service far exceeds its cost and it is my pleasure to recommend them to you. — Kathy S., Salisbury, MD

COACHING:  I don’t know where to begin to thank you for everything you have done for me! You helped me understand that I AM allowed to be happy and have a life! Your insight, without judgment on any topic, has opened my eyes and has finally helped me get ME back, something I no longer thought possible! The fact that I could talk to you both about ANYTHING, no matter how graphic (and you know I tried to shock you! Lol), and get positive input and ideas was amazing! While going through 4 of the 5 biggest stress situations in life (divorce, loss of job, selling and buying a home) you helped me to be happy and looking forward to the future! You are both amazing, wonderful people that I would recommend to ANYONE that needs to improve or understand their life. You are true, real FRIENDS AND ALWAYS WILL BE. Thank you both again for giving me my life back! I now understand happiness can and is guilt free!. — Steve, Wilmington, DE

COACHING:  It’s funny how much I wanted to make changes, but how afraid I was to begin the journey to make them. Connecting with you both has given me the tools to take this journey to discover who I want to be and how I want to live my life. You helped me lose that fear just knowing that I can pick up the phone, send an email and you are there to talk me through an issue, or do a dance with me when I broke through a wall…. I am still a work in progress, but what you gave me during our few visits I am now able to see the life I want to have and am not afraid to strive for it. With your help I have left behind the life of repetitive behaviors that got me nowhere, and can look to the future with a new outlook on life. — Sharon, Wilmington, DE

COACHING:  Sean & Michele see the topic of sex through objective eyes. I know that sounds odd, but not to someone who has known sex through married eyes, then gets divorced & is trying to figure out how sex fits into my new life. Their perspective has allowed me to view sex differently, enough to let my guard down. Sean & Michele’s nonjudgmental, objective insight, & free flowing, comfortable atmosphere, is refreshing & enlightening. My inner most fears are able to be recognized, investigated, & true nonjudgmental solutions just emerge from the coaching sessions. I feel I graduate in life or actually in appreciating life because of my sessions with them. Honestly, they are a positive inspiration to honor my true self & I thank them more than words can express. — H.S., New Castle, DE

COACHING:  Michele, I finally got around to writing a testimonial for you this morning. When I looked to see some examples, it seemed like you already had plenty and mine was just like the others. Our life was in turmoil (for me it was a result of the 2008 crash), I was buried under commitments to great to bear and we needed help. You and Sean had ideas and methods that helped us work through our difficulties. But it was so much more than that. You became dear friends along the way. Life is so much more enjoyable and there is always a light at the end of any dark tunnel when you know there are friends and family that you can count on in your time of need. We have sold our burdensome home, unwound the numerous commitments, restarted the business in a new location and we settle on our new, undemanding and convenient home in just a few weeks. So you see, nothing special about our story. — Jay and Wende, Wilmington, DE

COACHING:  After going through some life changing events, I felt I needed a different approach to living. I’ve tried therapy, counseling and of course self-help books, but I hadn’t thought of coaching until not one, but 2 friends, recommended Sean & Michele. Wow, what a wonderful difference they have made in my life! Coaching changed my mindset and helped me to begin a new and revitalizing action plan for living, really living consciously and with purpose, peace, love and happiness. What I love about it is the power to start NOW and use their techniques, not about endless analysis of my past and present. It’s about an abundance to both give and receive that was there all along, and now I can tap into that power, a power that was mine to own. Michele and Sean have also been a great source of information, and I continue my much happier journey in life with a calm & joy I hadn’t thought was possible. It has helped me with all my relationships, family and intimate, as well as work and discovering how to reach for my full potential in all areas. Thanks to two very special, caring people! S.W., Middletown, DE

COACHING:  10 years worth of professional therapy were addressed in 3 life changing coaching sessions that stopped the hamster wheel of insanity! Amazing positive results that push through fear, anger, & negativity and lead to a path of freedom and breath of life. You have nothing to lose but the groundhog days of repetitive complacency & addictive self-inflicted abuse of the potential within yourself. Life-coaching is the best gift I gave myself! Thanks so much for helping me move on with my life in a positive, happy mentality. I still have my bad moments but what you both have given me, has allowed those days to turn into minutes-fleeting minutes. WOW! I continue to pass on what you have given me. Truly remarkable! — Heather, New Castle, DE

COACHING:  Michele and Sean have placed me on the path to discovering my authentic self. They have opened up my mind, heart, soul and doors to a new journey ……a new way of living. They have become my spiritual change agents!! My midwives of sorts helping me birth an exciting and beautiful new person! I have now embraced so many new ways of thinking, being and enjoying life. The techniques they are taught me and introduced to me such of Mindful Meditation, RAIN technique, and Law of Attraction have now become woven into my everyday life. This new smile I wear upon my face feels wonderful!! I smile from the inside out now!! Through this journey I found love…love of myself. I look in the mirror everyday (thanks to both of them) and say “Pam, I love you and approve of you exactly as you are. I believe in YOU!” I trust myself for the first time in what seems like forever and now know how I want to live my life. I trust my instincts as strongly as I did as a girl of 10, full of confidence and strength. I thank you both for all you have done for me and the beautiful gifts you bestow upon the universe each and every day through the work that you do and just being you! I will end will a quote I ran across recently that speaks loudly to the revelation you have brought to my new life. “Love yourself – accept yourself – forgive yourself – and be good to yourself, because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.” Leo F Buscaglia –Much Love, Pam, Middletown, DE

COACHING:  RAIN [meditation technique] is amazing. I haven’t stopped using it…. It really makes me aware of how much control I allowed my emotions to have over me. The calming effect is surreal. Actually ‘seeing’ the toxic feelings back down is awesome. …. Finally, after 55 yrs, there is a way to end the downfall of believing my egocentricity. Now you have become both a compass, and a beacon for me. Your spirit is shining ever so brightly, evident by how it helped to show me that it was possible to climb upwards, out of my deep cavern of despair. May it continue to shine, both for you, and for others. You are truly blessed. — Gina Alleyne, Lewes, DE

COACHING:  “Most confidants will simply echo conclusions we express about the “what, why, and where should we go from here” of issues which are weighing us down because the role of a close friend is that of being unconditionally supportive. For this reason, it is much more beneficial to confide in professional advisers who will challenge the philosophies we have elected to adopt. Without guides such as Sean and Michele who are skilled in illuminating new perspective we may inadvertently and unnecessarily cultivate detrimental, inaccurate presumptions for months or even years. Sean and Michele are the perfect team to steer couples back on to a positive, progressive course because they bring both the male and female perspectives to the table during open discussion. They can provide analytical tools to help facilitate the discarding of negative and limiting thought processes. Their wise insights have been invaluable for us. Sean and Michele are born life coaches!” — Kathy & Tim, Dover, DE

COACHING:  “Sean and Michele Andersen have provided both myself and the Gibby team very valuable insight on how to solve the problems that many small non-profits are faced with. They have encouraged us to think outside the box to find answers to questions we had not even thought of. Together, they bounce ideas back and forth, each providing different perspectives to the same issue that have helped us to see the wider realm of all possibility. If you are looking for the encouragement and additional insight to success, I highly recommend this team.”– Thomas N. Trietley, Executive Director, gilbert w. perry jr., center for the arts, Middletown, DE

COACHING:  After my coaching sessions with Michele & Sean, I can think of several occasions where I have just stopped and thought “I really love my life now.” I am really just happy now….and I know a lot has to do with the help you guys provided. Not as much as making specific changes but just providing me the direction for making the necessary changes. I use some of the philosophies you spoke of during our conversations in so many aspects of my life and it really has made a difference. — Dave, Middletown, DE

COACHING:  My life was in shambles. I wasn’t sure which way to turn, where to start. I wasn’t sure if I even had the strength to start again. I knew that if I was to move forward I had to completely change the person I’d become. I’ve always known that inside I was a good, maybe even a great person. I started looking for help. I wasn’t able to do it on my own. I had talked with Michele and Sean previously about life coaching and wondered if they could help, or at least point me in the correct direction. After one meeting with Sean, I knew that this was the help that I’ve been searching for. I left our visit with more questions than answers, but a new feeling inside. Michele and Sean taught me how to be positive, how to take control of my actions. They taught me how to train my mind to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. But most of all they gave me the confidence to go forward. I’ve always dreamed of a better life. Michele and Sean took a man that had all but given up and taught him how to live again. They gave me my life back … how do you say thanks for that? — Tim, Wilmington, DE

COACHING:  I am so grateful for life coaching with Sean and Michele. For over two years I found myself in a rut. I didn’t know what steps to take in terms of my career, education, and relationships. I was stuck! Then Sean and Michele entered my life. Wow! Talk about a shot in the arm! With gentle yet purposeful prodding, they helped me identify the questions I so desperately needed to ask myself. They enabled me to realize that I had all the answers! Not a therapist…not a psychiatrist…not an expensive self-help book. Me! They empowered me to take control of my life! I now have more responsibilities at work. I’m going to night school for further training. And my relationships are positive and rewarding. I’m living out loud! And I owe it all to Sean and Michele! — Ken, Bear, DE

COACHING:  Having Sean and Michele as coaches was a life changing event for me. In just one coaching session they helped me realize that I am a co-creator of my life…. More importantly they helped me change my mindset and perception. This was the most empowering tool I have ever used! I am extremely grateful for what they have shared with me. — L. Dean, Haddonfield, NJ

COACHING:  I really feel wonderful, secure and welcome to say anything in this great group, Sex, Love & Relationships. It’s all about opening our minds, listening with open hearts, and discussing all the topics in the title of the group with no feeling of being embarrassed. It’s a truly free thinking group, and place, where individuals can share and recieve information. I’d reccommend it! Freedom, Yay! — Sarah, Middletown, DE

COACHING:  Although I’ve know Michele and Sean for a number of years and know their story, I never get tired of hearing their journey. Of course, I also learn new aspects that better help me understand my sexuality. Such as claiming my rights to sexual freedom and health while living in a culture of sexual shame and double standards. All of their guidance and teachings are done in a relaxing, respectful and engaging way. I highly recommend their services! — Pam, Middletown, DE

COACHING:  We have attended many sessions on sexuality and relationships moderated by Michele and Sean. They always create a safe environment of respect and caring where we feel free to discuss some intimate topics and explore new possibilities in our love life. They have helped us grow as individuals and as a couple. They plant seeds in us that we water and prune until the next meeting. As always, we drive away from the meeting full of topics we want to discuss and new insights into ourselves. We are at a very good place, and we thank Michele and Sean for their part in nurturing our relationship. — Amy and Robert, Elkton, MD

COACHING:  Michele & Sean provide such a safe and caring environment. As a shy, middle-aged, divorced woman who was raised in a very conservative upbringing, I had very limited information about how to create healthy, loving relationships while embracing my sexuality and that of a partner’s. Using laughter, compassion and non-judgment, Sean & Michele were able to help me open up, see new perspectives and options, gain self-confidence, and help me clarify and coach me into becoming a new, sexually empowered “ME.” — Anna, Middletown, DE

COACHING:  In November 2012, Ryan and I met Michele and Sean, which proved to be a life changing experience with amazing advice and outlooks on life that we never expected to hear. Ryan and I (he is 30, I am 22) started dating in September 2012. We were both interested in exploring alternative lifestyle options, but we were still a new couple; so we had many questions that we weren’t sure how to ask, or we were afraid to ask. We weren’t sure what to expect, what to look for, or how we were going to react to it. Michele & Sean gave us the best tips and explained things to us so that we could understand them… so our “nervous” view on the lifestyle changed. Not only did they explain the lifestyle and the type of people that existed within it, they proved it! They introduced us to people that we instantly felt comfortable with and connected with, in which gave us the confidence to return that same favor to other new couples and make them feel comfortable as well. We happily explain to others the lifestyle and how much it brought Ryan and I together. Because of Michele and Sean, we are happily engaged and vow to this day that they had everything to do with that! Thank you both again from the bottom of our hearts. Love you guys! — Emily & Ryan, Whiteford, MD